Alvo Accounting
SM5 3NP, Carshalton Beeches
1st Floor, 69 Banstead Road
Mon. - Fri. 9.00-16.30
1st Floor, 69 Banstead Road SM5 3NP, Carshalton Beeches
  • incorporating companies in the UK and other EU and non-EU countries,
  • comprehensive accountancy services for UK-based companies with branches in the EU,
  • full range of services related to registration and management services for international companies,
  • consultancy in choosing and registering business entities in the UK (partnership, limited companies),
  • registering the company for VAT,
  • company registration as PAYE scheme (as an employer),
  • VAT returns,
  • preperation of payroll,
  • preparing & submitting tax returns, annual accounts and annual returns to relevant tax authorities,
  • consultancy related to self-employment, tax optimisation and financial planning services,
  • self assessments & tax returns,
  • consultancy related to company law
  • company management consultancy services,
  • consultancy related to employment law,
  • consultancy related to general business & legal enquiries
  • consultancy in respect of tax law & international tax optimisation (tax optimisation including tax management as well as international tax planning),
  • Clients’ representation before tax offices and other authorities,
  • assistance in obtaining permissions/licenses for regulated sectors,
  • assistance in provision of registered address services,
  • obtaining certificates of fiscal residence,
  • Apostille certifications of documents,